The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Printer

Selecting a printer for work or your home office can be a difficult task, especially considering the fact that there are many features available. To help you find the perfect printer, this guide shares some of the most important factors. 

Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, ink and paper is still used in most businesses. The right printer can make a huge difference. However, selecting the wrong printer will cause headache and frustration.

Why do you want to buy the printer?

1. Home Office Printing

When on the lookout for a printer for your home office, you should focus on the functions that you utilize the most. Generally, professionals require a simple yet effective printer for basic tasks. 

On the other hand, some want a machine which can serve multiple purposes such as copying and scanning. Students have to think about the school work. 

Besides, multi-function printers are quite affordable. However, it is best to spend on a more reliable machine.

2. Photo Printing

Printing is very important for both experienced photographers and photography enthusiasts. To translate the beauty of the photos to print, you have to find a machine that offers amazing resolution and accuracy. 

The good news is that there are many printers which produce gorgeous photos without costing a fortune. Budget-conscious shoppers should have no trouble finding powerful photo printers that offer additional features.  

3. Professional Printing

When it comes to professional printing, efficiency and expenses come to mind. The machine you choose should be able to print a high volume. Besides printing speed, you also need to find a machine which saves you time through automated functions. 

In addition to this, you also have to take printing expenses into account. Do not just focus on the price of the printer as you have to think about replacement costs of toner cartridges. Read reviews to find out what users have to say.

Which Type of Printer to Buy?

1. Inkjet Printer

A series of small ink dots are sprayed by inkjet printers onto the paper. These dots create the graphics and text which appear on the page. Since these ink dots tend to be so miniscule, it is possible for different colours to be placed within close proximity. 

This allows a rich array of hues to be created. Inkjet printers are perfect for the budget-conscious. Complex inkjet printers print a wide variety of graphics and colours. They offer high-quality printing.

2. Laser Printer

A fine powder is applied by laser printers to the page. The process is rather quick and allows more pages to be printed in a shorter period of time as compared to inkjets. 

You can either opt for monochrome or colour laser printers as both allow you to print a wide variety of documents. Laser printers are perfect for those of you for whom speed is important.

3. Photo Printer

Inkjet technology is also utilized by photo printers. They provide greater clarity and precision. Photo printers are famous for their incredible image resolution. 

If you require nuanced colour printing, a photo printer is just what you need. Most models allow you to print in various sizes, including postcards.

4. Supertank Printer

If you hate changing cartridges, a Supertank printer might be the perfect fit for you. Supertank printers are equipped with high-capacity tanks which allow you to print thousands of pages without having to replenish the ink. 

When the tanks run out of ink, you simply need to refill them for a lower overall cost as compared to standard ink cartridges.

Are There Any Other Features Which Should Be Considered?

1. Wifi Printing Capability

Since we live in a wireless world, the latest printers come with wifi printing capabilities. As long as the computer and printer are connected to the same network, you will not need to worry about wires to print. 

Most wireless printers accept printing requests from tablets and smartphones via wifi. If you want convenient printing, it is an important capability to consider.

2. Media Slots & Card Reader
There are many printers which allow you to simply plug-in flash drives or memory cards without having to connect them to a computer. It is an important feature which photographers will appreciate.
3. Duplex Printing & Paper Capacity
Although replacing ink is a major expense, to save on the cost of paper, it is best to get a machine which allows duplex printing and has a paper capacity to print on both sides.

How to Find a Printer for the Best Price?

Now that you have gone over this guide, you must be wondering how you can find a printer for the best price. It is vital that you look at purchasing a new or refurbished printer as a long-term investment. 

Even though a low price might seem enticing, it would cost you more in the long-run in the form of maintenance and upkeep. It is more important to get a printer from a trusted brand like HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, or Brother.

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