Best Digital Product Ideas to Sell

Best Digital Product Ideas to Sell

Digital product creation and sales is one of the most effective strategies for earning passive income, while simultaneously using your skills and talents in an innovative, sustainable manner.

When it comes to niche interests, there's no end to the variety of digital products you can create and sell! Read on to learn which ones can bring in the most money - plus specific examples!


Ebooks are one of the easiest digital products to market and sell, as their production requires little more than written text and imagery, making them ideal for writers looking to market and sell their books.

eBooks also present lower costs to producers and sellers since they don't involve printing and shipping physical books - making eBooks an affordable yet practical means of disseminating information; making them particularly suitable for educational institutions.

Consumers can consume digital books easily on e-readers, computers and mobile devices - and at more reasonable prices compared to physical books - up to 60% less expensive on average! In addition, vendors offer discounted prices that may help make reading digital books even easier and more affordable than physical ones.

Some authors have discovered that publishing an ebook can bring them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, which can be hugely profitable for individuals or small businesses alike. To maximize profitability it is key that the ebook be of high-quality with an effective marketing plan in place.


Templates can be an excellent digital product to offer for sale because they enable freelancers and online business owners to save time with pre-made designs, while making it simpler for clients to obtain what they require.

Some templates to sell include graphic design templates, logo designs and WordPress themes - digital products which are in high demand and offer great returns.

Printable templates can also make an excellent digital product to sell; these provide basic structure and designs for documents and forms, with PDF formats being the most widely supported file type for these templates.

To get started selling templates, create an account on Template Monster and submit digital items that meet their criteria. Once verified, upload archives of your products for review; once approved they'll be listed on their marketplace. Template Monster has been offering digital items since 2002 and they continue to expand their library of digital offerings.

Online Courses

Online courses can be an effective way to monetize a blog or ecommerce store, from video tutorials and worksheets, all the way through to cheat sheets. Selling digital products such as these is often highly profitable, since their sales can be automated and resold repeatedly without much additional work on your part.

Digital products offer several distinct advantages over physical ones: you can easily adapt them to meet customer needs and take advantage of free tools and apps designed to promote and sell them.

Shopify offers one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to sell and distribute your wares. Its app store boasts thousands of apps designed specifically to assist in this effort, such as its e-learning suite which helps create and manage an e-learning platform, along with other e-commerce related features like email marketing, customer support and payment processing.


An essential requirement of any graphic artist or designer is having access to a selection of fonts. No matter whether it be blog post design, business letter writing or brochure creation - having multiple fonts at their disposal will make their piece appear professional.

Fonts are collections of letters, numbers, punctuation or other symbols used to display text in applications or operating systems. Fonts come in many point sizes to create distinct styles.

There are various online options for selling fonts. Some are free while others charge fees.

Font designers looking to monetize their work should consider selling fonts online as the best means. But finding success and building up a following can be difficult tasks.