Top South African Cuisines

Top South African Cuisines

South Africa is a country with incredible cultural diversity and rich history. With 11 official languages, it should be on every serious explorer’s bucket list. The extraordinary cultural diversity produced cuisines unique to South Africa. 

Dishes passed down for generations have noticeable influences from the Dutch, British, and French.

If you are planning to travel to South Africa, here are the top five delicacy and cruise dishes you must try.

4# Bokkoms

Bokkoms is a delicacy from the beautiful Western Cape of South Africa, also known as fish biltong. Whole mullet fish soaked in salt brine for a couple of days then air-dried in the sun and wind. 

Bokkoms has an unpleasant smell to the unaccustomed nose but extremely popular in the west coast area. I firmly believe in, to try everything once and keep the good. Don’t knock it until you try it 🙂

3# Boerewors

South African culture has a big passion for a braai (BBQ). Boerewors is always included in a braai earning it number three on our list. Boerewors comes from  Afrikaans words which mean farmers-sausage. 

Somehow the boerewors always find its way to a hot-dog bun which is called boerewors roll. Boerewors recipes are kept as a heritage secret as families often compete in regional competitions. There are strict specifications on how to make boerewors. 

It needs to consist of 90% meat and 10% spices and natural preservatives like vinegar and salt. The meat content can have no more than 30% fat mixture, which gives extraordinary flavor to the sausage. Boerewors must contain majority beef, mixed with pork or lamb.

All my years of traveling the globe and nothing compares to boerewors, the king of the braai.

2# Potjiekos

It does not get any more South African then potjiekos and mealie pap. Potjiekos is an Afrikaans term to describe a three-legged cast-iron pot (potjie) slow-cooked on an open fire.

Ultimately potjiekos is meat and vegetable stew, served with a South African staple called mealie pap (maize porridge). Typically potjiekos can take up to 4 hours to prepare, making it ideal for a cookout with friends and family.

Listed below are some of the most popular "potjiekos" styles.

1. Oxtail potjiekos
2. Mutton and vegetable potjie
3. Malay lamb curry potjie

1# Biltong

Biltong is South Africa’s favorite delicacy and most famous food export. It’s an air-dried cured meat snack comparable to North American beef jerky.

It’s a 400-year-old delicacy used by the Dutch settlers to keep meat fresh before refrigeration existed. Biltong has no artificial flavoring or preservatives as the curing process is 100% natural

Beef is the most popular version but it’s also made from venison, ostrich, chicken, and fish. 

Biltong is my all-time favorite South African culture food and cocktail as it is delicious and a super healthy snack endorsed by the fitness industry.

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